What people say...

''Being a medical doctor, people often assume that we disregard holistic care in favour of the simple "drug" solution. I have had chronic back problems as a result of a lack of arches in my feet and a job which has me standing in awkward postures throughout my working day. Olivia's strong understanding of human sciences, modern medical practice and treatments tailored to an individual's requirements have allowed me to avoid further back trauma and continue my busy day to day activity pain free. As a medical professional myself I would absolutely recommend Olivia's practice as it does not seek to exclude modern medicine rather she is able to select the positive values from multiple forms of therapy to achieve successful lasting improvements.''

Dr Alexander WardleMB BSc MRCP Specialist Registrar in Nephrology and Transplantation

As a paediatrician, it was very interesting to read Olivia's study about an Osteopath's approach to infantile colic, a disorder that indeed affects many infants and is notoriously difficult to treat, due to the lack of evidence for any 'medicines' on the market. The fact that stress may be an indicator in the development and maintenance of colic is potentially a sound one and something that I think as medics, we often fail to look at. The care of a child should encompass all elements of a child's wellbeing, and I think as healthcare providers there is more of a necessity to work together to achieve this. Alternative health practitioners with an interest in child health, like Olivia, should be embraced by the specialty in order to encourage holistic management of children's health.''

Dr Julia Fozard - Paediatrician

''A lifetime of extreme sports led to me completely rupturing my right/left collateral and ACL/PCL and medial meniscus on my left leg. After reconstructive surgery I was still unable to carry on with my life as it had been before. Olivia’s rehabilitation programme and treatment was comprehensive but also she helped allay my concerns that I would never return to my physical peak. She worked on strengthening and rehabilitating my body as a unit rather than focusing on just the knee. I am now aware of the importance global fitness plays in prevention of injury and am back to enjoying running daily.''

Dr Bokhari - MB Bsc

I have always suffered from tight aching shoulders, and as a newly qualified dentist this has only gotten worse. But after an injury to my right hip I decided it was time to see someone who could potentially help with both. I have had acupuncture to try help release tension in my shoulders in the past but never osteopathy so I didn't quite know what to expect. At the first appointment Olivia listened intently to my concerns taking a through history enabling her to quickly diagnose which muscles and vertebrae needed adjustment. I felt completely at ease and after only two sessions could feel the benefits, especially regarding my hip which hasn't caused me problems since! I strongly recommend osteopathy to anyone who is suffering from both chronic tight, stiff shoulders or more acute injury related pains. Thank you Olivia for being such a caring and informative osteopath!

Dr Claudia Fozard - Dentist

“I want to thank you for giving me such a good treatment, I really felt the difference after each session. Thanks for your encouragement and for spurring me on. From the word go you left me feeling more hopeful and optimistic...you really know your stuff plus you’re full of sunshine!”
— C.H London, Professional